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November 24, 2008

Here you can find agitational fliers, educational pamphlets and printer-ready materials from RAIM. Use the categories menu to find what you’re looking for.

RAIM Global Digest # 5

September 22, 2009

RAIM masthead
RAIM Digest 5 PDF


1,013 Afghan Civilians Killed in First Half of 2009

Pigs Deny Ward Churchill Job and Damages

Movie Review: The Rise of Cobra

Obama: More Troops, More Imperialism, More of the Same

Amerika’s Fierce Appetite

Movie Review: District 9

RAIM Global Digest Issue 4

July 9, 2009

For distribution purposes we are suggesting people print these as a booklet, as seen here.


How to : Under printing options, find booklet printing. Then under printer options, find double sided.  Viola!

Get it here———–> RAIM Global Digest #4

Deporten a los Pinches Gringos JPEG

May 7, 2009


Fuck the Border, Support Mexican National Liberation

May 5, 2009

Fuck the Border, Support Mexican National Liberation

As a leaflet, 2 per page

RAIM-D Global Digest #3

May 5, 2009

RAIM-D Global Digest Issue 3


-Ten Years After “Bolivarian Revolution,” Term Limits Ended  for Chavez
-In Danger of Being Snuffed Out By Imperialism, Sumatran  Tigers, Lacking Class Consciousness, Strike Out at Neighbors
-Remember Luis “Junior” Martinez
-RAIM-Denver May Day Program: Fuck the Border, Support Mexican National Liberation
-Obama Boycotts U.N. Conference on Racism, Imperialists Walk Out During Ahmadinejad Speech
-ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Sudanese President, U.S. Tightens the Screws on Africa

RAIM-D Global Digest Issue 2

March 6, 2009

RAIM-D Global Digest Issue 2
Special Ward Churchill Issue
March 6th, 2009

Amerikans Support Escalation in Afghanistan
Joel Kovel Sacked For Opposing Zionism
Ben Whitmer: Why I Support Ward Churchill
RAIM-Denver/Ward Churchill Factoid

RAIM-D Digest 1

February 25, 2009

RAIM-D Global Digest Issue 1

February, 25th 2009


Introducing the RAIM-D Global Digest

Hamas Calls For International Justice Against U.S. and Israel

Obama Signs Stimulus Bill, Escalates War in Afghanistan

Anti-Racist Picnic Confronts Racist Minutemen

RAIM-Denver Archive Launched